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Brand New German Website Now Relaunched

The new German official website of Micro Sensor is online now! This change has also accelerated the business layout of Micro Sensor in the German and European markets. By visiting https://de.microsensorcorp.com, customers can enjoy a brand-new browsing experience, content layout, visual expression, and more localized content and services. We will provide more excellent products, excellent services and more partners in the future.

Micro Sensor’s new German website provides better localized services

  1. The brand new German website display products and services in German with more localized services, which facilitates German customers to better understand Micro Sensor products and services.
  2. Customers can filter through product labels such as pressure range, output signals to find suitable pressure sensor, pressure transmitter and level transmitters for their unique requirements more quickly and accurately.
  3. Customers can download the product manual and datasheet more conveniently. It can be displayed online, zoomed in and out, or downloaded and read. You can also fill in the form on the product page with your requirements and our professional sales engineer will reply you soon.

Micro Sensor continues to innovate, only to provide professional services

Since its establishment in 1993, Micro Sensor has focused on providing professional pressure sensing and measuring products and solutions and offered products in many countries and regions around the world such as Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc.

In order to better serve German partners, Micro Sensor established Micro Sensor GmbH in 2019. Our German team has served our European customers with reliable products / solutions and professional services in the past and will make continuous growth and innovation, committed to provide customers easily purchase and worry-free after sales.

Micro Sensor, Your Partner of Sensing and Measuring!

Micro Sensor GmbH

Micro Sensor has been researching, designing and manufacturing pressure elements and instruments since 1971. Today, customers can be supplied with high quality pressure cells, pressure sensors, level sensors, flow meters and wireless IoT devices. Micro Sensor GmbH, based in Essen Germany, is a 100% subsidiary of Micro Sensor Co., Ltd in China and will now serve and support German and European customers.
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