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North America is a burgeoning market for both the production and implementation of renewable energy. At a recent G8 Summit, President Bush ratified a new and firmer commitment to lead a global cut in emissions of at least 50% by 2050, and heavy-hitting businesses from Google to General Electric are launching energy initiatives to meet that target.

Last year, North American investors poured a record $71 billion into the renewable energy arena. And billions more funnel in every day. The renewable revolution is upon us and Power and Energy Solutions is proud to be at the vanguard of international efforts to reduce emissions and create a new global way of energy thinking.

Having been established in Europe in 2005, this industry-leading publication has recently expanded into the US and is firmly committed to bringing you the latest news from leading industry figures across the continent. PES will also keep you up to date with all the latest innovative energy techniques and government initiatives.

It is the aim of PES to keep readers at the forefront of new policy and targets within the field of renewable energy resources – through expert analysis and opinion, comment from internationally-respected associations and North America’s leading thinkers.