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Wind-breaking news for the renewable energy industry

Words: Al Maiorino

It seems the US is finally being blown away with the idea of wind power. At last traditional forms of energy are being reviewed and clean, sustainable wind energy is being taken seriously. There is to be a 200 turbine windfarm off the coast of Long Island.

Today is a big day for clean energy in New York and our nation. Governor Cuomo has set a bold vision for a clean energy future, and this project is a significant step toward making that a reality. The South Fork Wind Farm will be the second offshore wind farm in America, and it’s largest. There is a huge clean energy resource blowing off our coastline just over the horizon, and it is time to tap into this unlimited resource to power our communities.” said Deepwater Wind CEO, Jeffrey Grybowski, in an empowering speech following the approval of a revolutionary project.

In light of much discussion over climate change, it has become imperative to reassess conventional forms of energy sources such as fossil fuels and make changes. There is a need to provide energy that is replenished naturally, offers climate change mitigation, and adds economic benefits on various levels. In response to this effort, the Long Island Power Authority Board has just recently granted approval for the construction of what will be one of the United States’ largest renewable projects yet. This is a project that will re-invent the way that renewable energy is utilized; opening doors for more just like it to come.

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