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Universal Transport is driving energy transition forward. The transport of components for wind turbine plants requires a vast amount of intensive preparation; the 70m long rotor blades, especially, create a real challenge. This kind of job is all in a days’ work at Universal Transport, one of the leading contractors in the area of large capacity and heavy goods transport. PES investigates to find out more.

Components for three wind turbine plants in Ingolstadt had to be delivered. Extensive planning for all the traffic routing and management began as early as spring 2016. The feasibility study was prepared a whole year in advance. The route to the wind turbine park was through many small towns and villages and so made it absolutely necessary.

The result: the direct route proofed to be the best. This is seldom the case in our business. The route posed one particular challenge though for Universal Transport: this was the transport of nine enormous rotor blades on a road through a village close to Riedheim which has a relatively sharp S-bend.

The delivery of the first of three wind turbine plants began in May. According to the client’s schedule the delivery of further components was to start two weeks later. The client wanted the following sequence of delivery – the hubs, the turbine houses and the formwork components, for the tower, had to be there a day before the rotor blades. There was very little space on the building site so all the components were instantly assembled by a crane. The following day, after a spectacular s-bend tour, the rotor blades were delivered and then also attached with the help of a huge crane.


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