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Over a billion connectors from the Multi-Contact Solarline range have been providing reliable connections all over the world since 1996. This represents a PV output of over 120 GW – almost impossible to believe. Matthias Mack, Head of Photovoltaics at Multi-Contact, explains to PES how this important milestone was achieved in a highly volatile market environment.

PES: Welcome to PES, it’s great to talk with you. Can you tell us something about the background of your company?

Matthias Mack: Thank you. Multi-Contact is a leading international manufacturer of electrical contacts and connection systems. The company was founded in Basel, Switzerland in 1962. We are involved in many different industries but we have been working in the PV sector for over 20 years.

PES: To date a total of 120 GW PV power has been installed worldwide with PV connectors from Multi-Contact. What does this figure mean to the company?

MM: We are extremely proud of it, naturally. This figure is simply staggering and unique. At the end of 2015, global solar power amounted to around 230 GW – over half of which came from systems with original Multi-Contact connectors. For us, however, the aspect of longevity is also key: PV systems with our connectors are intended not only to produce the fantastic result of 120 GW today, but also to provide constant power for years to come.

Our products could be described as the backbone of the system and if they are not in perfect working order, the system’s performance can deteriorate dramatically within a very short space of time. Whilst photovoltaics are currently being intensely promoted worldwide, there is not much point in installing ever bigger PV systems if they go on to provide only 60 to 70 percent of their maximum power because second-rate products have been used.

Photovoltaics are an extremely important ally when it comes to achieving climate targets all over the world and we should not weaken their effect if it can be avoided.

The PV power we have achieved is therefore in principle a confirmation of our customers’ trust in our company and in our products: they see us as a market leader. We have amassed a great wealth of experience and been a pioneer since the early 1990s and achieved this outstanding result within the space of two decades. This is the best proof of the longevity and flawless performance of our products, some of which have been in use for 20 years. Evidence such as this from the field tells us so much more than any laboratory test ever could.


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