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Time to clean up

Driven by one of the globe’s fastest growing solar markets, Ecoppia is increasingly focussing on India. PES finds out why.

Ecoppia’s new Vice President for Asia has had a very busy few weeks. Since joining Ecoppia, Nalin Sharma has been getting many enquiries from the leading companies in India’s utility solar space. As the country’s utility solar market becomes increasingly busy, companies are demanding a 21st century solution to cleaning, one that is more cost effective, reliable and efficient when compared to manual cleaning.

“For a country dealing with acute water shortage, dry cleaning is the only way we can make the solar ecosystem sustainable. With a payback of less than 3 years, Ecoppia can help solar companies, operating at wafer-thin margins, improve their bottom line significantly. When the market is this competitive, companies need to ensure that sites are operating at peak efficiency every day, so the response from solar IPPs has come as no surprise to us,” says Sharma. He reports that a large swath of India’s – and the world’s – largest utility PV companies have approached the company to discuss site installations.”

Ecoppia’s E4 cleaning technology keeps utility solar sites clean from dust and soiling, the accumulation of which can reduce energy production by as much as 40%. As the world’s only such autonomous solution, Ecoppia is quickly becoming the gold standard for utility module cleaning, and demand in India has been especially high. While the technology boasts a nightly cleaning regime and keeps energy production near peak production levels, Sharma says the biggest aspect of market interest may derived chiefly from one thing – “Water.”


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