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The co-operative wind turbine

A new innovative approach to windfarms could, at last, make them more popular and community friendly. Bringing the benefits and the profits home to local communities. Daniel Dubbelhuis, Account Manager Netherlands at Lagerwey tells us how.

Large multi megawatt parks in concentrated areas developed by and for the local community, anonymous big developers – ensure further anonymization of wind turbines. Local residents feel that they get saddled with a problem that they have not asked for, resulting in a growing resistance to on land wind turbines.

The last 10-20 years have shown how not to develop wind projects. The parties ultimately end up in court, each trying to get their own way. In the meantime sustainable energy becomes a conflict between developers and local residents.

Why do we develop both large and small wind farms in this way? Why with each project achieved do we create more resistance to wind power? Shouldn’t the sustainability aspect also be reflected in the relationship between all the actors in a project?


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