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n recent years, the solar industry has focused particularly on manufacturing capacity. However, if we want to meet the fast-growing future demand for renewable energy, just stepping up the volume will no longer be enough. This is why multinational Royal DSM N.V. focuses on adding value to the industry through innovations that make solar panels more efficient, durable and economical. In this interview, PES talks to Jan Grimberg, DSM’s Business Director Solar, to find out more about the latest developments in anti-reflective coatings, backsheets and – new – light-trapping technology.

PES: Could you briefly introduce DSM and the role it plays in the renewable energy industry?

Jan Grimberg: DSM is a globally operating science-based company that focuses on health, nutrition and materials. Since 1902, we’ve been providing the world with solutions and innovations that improve people’s lives. In the past years, DSM has become increasingly active in renewable energy in order to realize the company’s ambition to enable and drive the transition to a low fossil carbon economy.

DSM is active in renewable energy in a number of fields. Drawing on DSM’s unique position in biotechnology, materials sciences and chemistry, the company is pioneering advances in renewable energies such as cellulosic bio-ethanol and in renewable building blocks such as bio-based succinic acid. In addition, DSM focuses on developing technologies and material solutions that increase the efficiency of solar modules at every stage of the value chain. Particularly, we are leading in high-quality anti-reflective coatings.

PES: What have been the main changes in the solar business in recent times?


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