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Customised safety

Mariecke Siezen, Director at Technoship bv, met up with PES to tell us about the importance of safety on and offshore. We learn about the latest advances in protection systems, the customisation of certain products and the training factor.

PES: Welcome to PES magazine. Thanks for talking with us. Would you like to begin by explaining a little about the background of your organisation and how you currently serve the offshore industry?

Mariecke Siezen: Technoship bv has been a technology supplier to the maritime sector since 1969. Products include specialist K. Chr. Steen GmbH deck machinery, such as anchoring and mooring gear, Ultra Fog high pressure watermist fire suppression systems, GT under deck sliding davit systems as well as Technoship bronze chain rollers.

PES: Is offshore energy a growing business area for Technoship? How are you capitalising on this growth?

MS: Offshore energy projects are expanding and particularly those for the wind energy sector. We are experiencing an increased demand in protection for offshore transformer wind platforms, requiring accommodation and machinery space protection, as well as for expensive high voltage transformer systems. Given the importance of continued operations, high pressure watermist provides a state of the art cost effective means to safeguard and suppress fires using very limited amounts of water.

High-pressure watermist provides a safe and good alternative for gas-systems in terms of safety, maintenance and life-cycle costs.

Offshore wind projects have initiated a growing demand for different types of offshore supply and service vessels, for which Technoship can supply anchoring and mooring systems of up to 78mm U2 chain diameter and towing winches up to 80 tons.


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