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Some years ago, the offshore wind industry was primarily a high-priced and tough European adventure. But, mainly as a consequence of intense private-public collaborations in the key countries nearby Irish, North and Baltic seas, this situation has dramatically changed. Nowadays, the offshore industry is widely recognized as a key component for the future

The price per megawatt used to be the sole decision-making criteria in sustainable energy sources. Now the tide is beginning to turn – the whole energy value chain needs to be taken into account when assessing feasibility. Power purchase agreements are on the rise. Most active are those energy intensive players who

It is well known that on large scale PV farms clean panels are essential in order to produce peak yields. The Italian company Messersì has been offering PV cleaning solutions for 7 years. Their product, Roboklin 25, is a fully automated machine and it delivers efficient cleaning to large PV farm operators.

Leonardo Botti, Global Head of Product Management ABB, reviews the impact of Blockchain and how digitalization can support the technology’s adoption. In 2009 a new disrupter finance model was launched- BitCoin. It heralded a new era in how currency and transactions were made and transferred globally. The emergence and rising popularity of

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