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撰稿人:EKO Instruments EU 首席科学家 Mário Pó 博士和 EKO China 市场总监 Caris Chan 2016 年,EKO 基于新创新概念推出了一款符合 ISO9060:2018 标准的 A 级日射强度计—MS-80。MS-80 结合了当时最先进的热电堆探测器和石英漫射器技术,是顶级“快速响应”和“光谱平坦”子类别中唯一一款 A 级日射强度计。MS-80 可提供前所未有的零点偏移性能和五年再校准间隔,具有设计紧凑、功能强大、使用方便的特点。 MS-80 的性能达到了其它日射强度计难以企及的水平。自上市以来,MS-80 凭借其性能和功能特点大放异彩,成为备受太阳能、气象学和楼宇自动化行业青睐的优质产品。随后,MS-80 的数字版本 MS-80A 和 MS-80M 也相继上市,满足了 4-20mA 工业信号接口和 Modbus 的需求。 作为市场上最好的 A 级日射强度计, MS-80 已达到顶级水平。如今,我们又将 MS-80S 的卓越性能和优势与全新内部诊断系统相结合,让用户不仅可以远程查看内部温度、湿度、倾角和侧倾角,还可以从 4 通道智能接口中选择输出,轻松将 MS-80S 连接到具有 Modbus 485 RTU 和 SDI-12 的任何模拟或数字测量系统,实现数字输出。此外,用户仅用一根电缆即可使用 4-20mA 和 0-10mA(0-1V)模拟选项。 最重要的是,我们还推出了“Hibi”。“Hibi”是由

PES met up with Brigitte Beck, CEO at Solare Datensysteme GmbH. Their new portal, developed over 2 years, with input from customers, provides plant operators with an even faster and deeper fault analysis, saving considerable time and expenditure. They are at the cutting edge of digitalisation and that is where they aim

While wind is enjoying significant growth, studies confirm that wind turbines suffer from reliability issues: The EU’s RELIAWIND study found that electrical systems accounted for the highest failure rate, but gearbox failures accounted for the highest amount of downtime (14 days)1. The National Renewable Energy laboratory found that the majority of wind turbine

Following the acquisition and integration of ABB’s solar inverter business, completed in the first quarter of 2020, FIMER took a decisive step forward in its strategy. Leonardo Botti, Head of Global Sales and Product Management explains how FIMER is shaping a new era in solar as digitalization will level the energy playing

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