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Offshore wind is all the rage right now, competing without subsidies, floating into deeper waters with new foundation designs and bigger turbines. For all its promise, however, offshore wind remains mostly a European affair, with more than 15 gigawatts of capacity installed in European waters by the end of 2017 and less

The rapid market expansion, in offshore generated wind power, requires a new approach towards offshore access for maintenance of wind generators. Two experts in access systems, Willem Prins and Marco Klitsie, developed a totally new and patented access method for which solid investors and building partners have already been found. The EAGLE-ACCESS

Monica Manara, CCO Photovoltaics, for Coveme gave PES a frank interview on the ups and downs in the PV market. This company has been in photovoltaics since the beginning and is still finding new, innovative and technological advances to share with their customers. They have invested in two R&D sites to further

PID is being talked about more and more in our industry. Tsachy Hacohen Meler, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Vigdu Technologies LTD, invited PES to come and discover the latest way to avoid financial losses and improve efficiency. It seems there’s a new approach to PID, more so as the 1500V is now

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