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A wind turbine that has reached the end of its designed service life does not necessarily have to be shut down and dismantled. Using suitable methods and tools as well as the necessary competence and experience, independent experts today are able to assess whether a plant has service life reserves after the

During recent times we have seen huge investments worldwide into the design and installation of wind turbines both on and offshore. This trend is set to continue in the coming years. As well as developments in the power range, there has also been some dramatic changes to the equipment needed to install

PES brings you a preview of the 12th Renewable Energy India 2018 Expo, which will be held between 18th-20th September 2018. The aim is empowering India’s renewables mission to a new high, with participants from all over the globe. Don’t miss out book your tickets now. A glimpse of the forthcoming REI 2018: •

PES was interested to find out from Donald van Velsen, Product Manager at Kipp & Zonen, about the latest developments and feedback on their DustIQ. We also wanted to learn if the recent changes, following the merger with the Meteorology division of OTT HydroMet, would make any difference to their solutions. Read

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