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Annekatrin Strunz, Key Account Manager Wind Power at LIFTKET, gives PES her view of the developments in the wind power industry and the corresponding product development in the company. LIFTKET established more than 70 years ago, in the heart of Germany, is one of the world’s oldest and largest manufacturers of electric

Spares in Motion (SIM) has a solution for wind energy O&M pitfalls. Reducing costs and obtaining spare parts as needed is increasingly important, especially as uptime demands skyrocket and maintenance contracts end. SIM explains to PES how their database is facilitating these goals for owners and operators today. We are a nearly half

PES talks to ADLER’s CEO, Helge Glück, about latest trends and new technologies in the ever-changing PV industry, and how the market for PV fuse links is adapting to the new safety and technological challenges. PES: Hi Helge, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to PES. To start us off could you give

The wind industry presents specific challenges when dealing with tool operator injuries. Because of remote locations and hazardous working conditions, it can often take hours for help to arrive once an injury occurs. Safety needs to be considered in every aspect of the job. Hand Injuries: costly in many ways Hand injuries, in

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