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In a time when energy companies are coming under increasing pressure to reduce costs, the need for reliable and innovative solutions that focus on improving efficiency and optimising ROI has never been more important.A company fully focused on this core objective is the SeaRoc Group. Formed in 2002, SeaRoc Group has almost

What makes a good Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV)? SeaRenergy carried out an extensive study and shares the results with PES, highlighting ideas and suggestions based on design and offshore site challenges. With the first offshore wind projects evolving in the Baltic Sea, SeaRenergy was recently asked for advice on suitable crew transfer vessels

Words: Geoffrey Taunton-Collins, Weather Risk Analyst, GCube Underwriting Ltd. As with any asset type, consistently ensuring reliable returns from renewable energy assets requires charting a course through a series of financial risks. For the wind industry in particular, given the fickle nature of the elemental force underpinning it, resource underperformance is becoming the

Ken Søerensen, CEO at ALL NRG, dropped in to tell us about the developments at the company. More companies are likely to join ALL NRG in the future, providing easier contacts for the customer. He is looking forward to a boom over the next two years. PES: Welcome to PES Wind magazine. Thanks

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