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PES talks to ADLER’s CEO, Helge Glück, about latest trends and new technologies in the ever-changing PV industry, and how the market for PV fuse links is adapting to the new safety and technological challenges. PES: Hi Helge, it’s a pleasure to welcome you to PES. To start us off could you give

In response to the global market requirement for more efficient and targeted O&M strategies for operational wind farms, there is an increasing need for operators to focus on turbine performance and reliability. Having recognised this as a priority to support operational teams and to advise on strategies to optimise sites, our approach

Abstract: full-scale mechanical testing of blades is an integral part of the certification of wind turbines. With ever-larger rotor diameters, the importance of testing and validation is growing with the aim of minimizing operational risks. Dual axis testing can lead to a more realistic loading scenario compared to traditional single axis testing.

我们很高兴在 PES 与 EKO Instruments China 的中国营销总监 Caris Chan 会面,了解这家业务遍布全球的知名公司的最新发展情况。精确度一直是行业关注重点,而随着中国新法规的实施,这一点变得更加重要。 PES:您好,Caris,非常欢迎您做客 PES China。我们非常希望了解 EKO Instruments 以及您在公司的工作职责。因此,在开始采访前,我们先来简单了解一下 EKO。 Caris Chan:EKO 设计、制造并供应行业领先的太阳能传感器和用于环境研究、可再生能源项目和材料分析的科学仪器。 90 多年来,我们始终专注于可靠性和精确度,如今,我们生产的各类仪器已广泛应用于全球各地;从亚洲各地的太阳能园区到海拔 2367 米的山顶气象站,再到南极的极寒之地均有部署。 EKO Instruments 享誉国际,以高品质和安全可靠著称;我们的核心理念就是不断创新,并坚持不懈地追求产品高精度。 PES:现在请谈谈您的工作背景,您在 EKO 工作了多长时间,以及是什么吸引您加入 EKO? CC:我曾作为材料性能仪器供应商工作多年,并于 4 年前加入 EKO。我主要与从事化学工程和聚合物加工的组织和研究人员合作;特别是涉及橡胶、塑料,以及石油勘探与开采领域的组织和研究人员。

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