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The new trend in the installation of wind turbines is the choice of remote areas, where wind conditions are very often optimal leading to new investments for the implementation of wind energy parks. On the other hand, such locations have to deal with extreme inhospitable climatic conditions: extreme cold and/ or hot

PES met up with Mads Poulsen, Sales and Chartering Manager, Esbjerg, Denmark, to find out the latest news from BBC Chartering. Esbjerg is a prime location for offshore wind. Components are increasingly bigger, providing a challenge and risk assessment remains a priority. PES: Hi Mads, it’s great to have you back. As always,

PES had an in depth interview with Hans-Peter Zimmer, CEO, blade care GmbH and trainer at the blade care Academy. The Academy has been going for almost 10 years, welcomes students from around the world and the demand is still growing. blade care also offers a variety of consultancy services. This is

PES asked Steve Sawyer, Secretary General at GWEC for his outlook on the future of the wind industry markets. Will prices continue to fall or have they reached their lowest point? Where is the market increasing? Where is it slowing down? Read on and find out… The global wind power market remained above

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