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Industrial exhaust gas purification is a vast area. There are many different technologies and facilities for the effective treatment of pollutant emissions. This is primarily due to the high heterogeneity of exhaust gases from different industrial processes. PES delves deeper. Depending on the application, the composition of the exhaust gas can vary greatly

The development of appropriate logistic concepts is a key factor for an economically successful offshore wind park. In the past the analysis and optimisation of these concepts have mostly focused on either the logistics for transport & installation (T&I) or operation and maintenance (O&M). Less attention has been paid to the important

Dirk Tegtmeyer, CEO Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer GmbH, gives PES a short look into the near future and explains why quality is paramount as PV conquers the world and nobody can stop it. Even in Germany, where politicians tried to shut down PV installations and industry, the news gets better every year.

More and more home owners are installing PV systems. How efficient are these systems? What does the industry need to do to support this growth area? PES takes a look at Huawei’s new, flexible solution. Across solar markets globally, we are continuing to witness the maturation of utility scale solar, with subsidy-free commercial

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