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Don’t miss the Global Wind Summit, which starts in Hamburg on 25 September; it is the biggest and most important meeting of the wind industry worldwide. It combines the world’s leading wind industry expo WindEnergy Hamburg with the global conference of WindEurope to create a high-powered, unique platform for business, networking and

The role foundations play in the deployment of larger, heavier, more powerful wind turbines, in deeper waters and further from shore, has perhaps not received the attention it deserves. But it is crucial in driving down offshore wind’s levelised cost of energy to the point where it can compete with fossil fuel

Leonardo Botti, Global Head of Product Management ABB, reviews the impact of Blockchain and how digitalization can support the technology’s adoption. In 2009 a new disrupter finance model was launched- BitCoin. It heralded a new era in how currency and transactions were made and transferred globally. The emergence and rising popularity of

At great heights, maintenance technicians around the world ensure that wind turbines reliably deliver energy to private households and industry. Employees cannot do without fall protection. In most cases, a rescue device stored on a wind energy plant is also indispensable for their safety. This is the only way they can leave

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