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With the rapid growth in availability of drones and access to commercial drone certification, the wind farm industry is becoming overrun with inexperienced operators offering drone inspection services. At the other extreme, advances in technology means that autonomous drone services are now being offered as a safer, more efficient alternative to wind

More efficient, cost and time saving operations & maintenance of power plants: the worldwide increasing requirements demand special software solutions that are adapted to the needs of operations & maintenance managers, technicians as well as asset managers. For the first time, Tobias Brüser, product manager cloud applications at meteocontrol GmbH, shares his

The use of digital technologies such as cloud computing, big data management and predictive analytics are changing the status quo of the energy market. An increasing number of wind farm operators are starting to implement these techniques, so as to control their costs. But, if the implementation of predictive maintenance is one

During recent times we have seen huge investments worldwide into the design and installation of wind turbines both on and offshore. This trend is set to continue in the coming years. As well as developments in the power range, there has also been some dramatic changes to the equipment needed to install

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