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Paolo Brianzoni, CEO of Visual Working SA, talks to PES about the exciting developments in drone inspection. The company is pushing the boundaries to bring the ultimate in image quality and data richness. This means there is the occasional crash, but they just pick themselves up and improve… PES: Welcome to PES Wind

Dr. Albrecht Krüger, CEO, SENTECH Instruments GmbH talks to PES about non-contact, non-invasive optical characterization using ellipsometry and reflectometry, 
and their new quality control system SENperc PV

Jan Wenske and Maik Wefer of Fraunhofer IWES, show PES how testing should be regarded as a method to accelerate time to market of new designs and stand out by offering approved overall system reliability - instead of restricting the view to the one-time expenses. An opportunity to improve turbines and technology

PES talks to Alejandro Cañas, Head of Special Projects Department at Coordinadora, about growth and logistics. Transport Engineering is their new concept and philosophy in logistics, a unique offer to the offshore wind industry

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