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PES invited award-winning Scottish technology company PhotoSynergy Ltd (PSL) to give us an insight in to their suite of new products, produced in response to industry led requests to find practicable, cost-effective solutions in a variety of sectors where safety of life is paramount. The company, in collaboration with a number of

Bjond’s key word is innovation and their engineers are experts with a passion for complexity. Jo van Montfort, Sr Consultant, Director at Bjond tells PES about the short comings in the offshore wind industry, with regards to corrosion and how they want to change this. He says key factors include collaboration across

Words: Linda Blunk in cooperation with Blanke Meier Evers Project developers of offshore wind power have growing concerns, even anxieties, which mirror their apprehension about a basic injustice inherent in the future tendering process stipulated by the new German Offshore Wind Energy Act (WindSeeG). This apprehension has already led to numerous legal inquiries

Abstract: Larger wind turbines and increasing water depths are presenting industry with new challenges for the realisation of economical foundation systems. The issues confronting industry here are manifold and include not only the optimisation and validation of structures or soil-structure interaction models, but also the development of economical installation methods with mitigated

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