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The rapid market expansion, in offshore generated wind power, requires a new approach towards offshore access for maintenance of wind generators. Two experts in access systems, Willem Prins and Marco Klitsie, developed a totally new and patented access method for which solid investors and building partners have already been found. The EAGLE-ACCESS

PES is delighted to bring you this latest advanced technology solution from ZF Wind Power. Over the last few years total wind turbine noise, which is mainly generated by the interaction of the wind and the wind turbine structure, has changed from being one of the properties of a wind turbine to

PES asked Steve Sawyer, Secretary General at GWEC for his outlook on the future of the wind industry markets. Will prices continue to fall or have they reached their lowest point? Where is the market increasing? Where is it slowing down? Read on and find out… The global wind power market remained above

Michael Geib, Vice President of Global Sales and Christian Went, International Account Manager at TESVOLT, came in to PES to catch us up on their latest lithium-ion battery storage systems. The UK market is of interest, one reason being the flexible tariffs. PES: We are pleased to welcome you back to PES Solar/PV

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