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PES meets up with Ivo Lackner, Head of Sales and Marketing at Serbot Innovations, Switzerland to discuss the benefits of clean solar panels, the role of experience, know-how in innovation and the growth of the solar industry

The Multi-Contact MC4 connector is now approved for 1500 volts, an increase from 
1000 volts. Existing systems using MC4 connectors can also be upgraded. The end
 result will be overall cost reduction, which is always welcome news in today's market.The original MC4 connector from Multi-Contact AG, the most popular connector in the

Matthias Mroß, Managing Partner Global Renewables Shipbrokers GmbH, tells PES about the current challenges facing the shipping industry. He also explains the GRS name change and their expansion in to other business areas.PES: Welcome back to PES Wind magazine. Thanks for talking with us. Would you like to begin by explaining a

Following hot on the heels of Hamburg we turn our attention to the eagerly anticipated Offshore Energy Amsterdam. Here is our preview, just for you. The international oil, gas and renewable trade event is just around the corner and before it kicks off, the Offshore WIND Conference (OWC) will take center stage. OWC

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