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Rick van der Lelij, Operations Manager at Height Specialists, dropped in to PES to talk about the importance of safety and training beyond the legal requirements. It makes for interesting reading and it’s reassuring to know companies are more and more determined to keep their employees safe by doing more than the

The role foundations play in the deployment of larger, heavier, more powerful wind turbines, in deeper waters and further from shore, has perhaps not received the attention it deserves. But it is crucial in driving down offshore wind’s levelised cost of energy to the point where it can compete with fossil fuel

After many years of renewables being somewhat the ‘Cinderella’ of the energy industry, it is fascinating to see that it is now offshore wind power driving innovation and its smart solutions are being taken up by the well-established oil and gas sector. A good example was highlighted recently when Damen’s first Service Operations

Bjond’s key word is innovation and their engineers are experts with a passion for complexity. Jo van Montfort, Sr Consultant, Director at Bjond tells PES about the short comings in the offshore wind industry, with regards to corrosion and how they want to change this. He says key factors include collaboration across

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