Siemens signs two long-term wind service agreements in the U.S.

• Siemens to provide an additional 15 years of service and maintenance at Harvest Wind and White Creek wind projects in W…

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Nextronex Inc. Announces USDA Photovoltaic Solar Farm Project

October 16, 2014, pleased to announce that our RAY-MAX ® Distributed Architecture TM Inverter System has been specified for …

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GeoSea acquires HOCHTIEF offshore assets

Zwijndrecht 16 October 2014 - DEME's marine engineering specialist GeoSea acquires offshore assets of HOCHTIEF, one of Germany's leading international…

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New laser welding technology for lithium-ion battery production

Reutlingen, October 16, 2014. High-tech mechanical engineering for the future's growth markets: Electronic Components, Electron…

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PES Exclusive Articles

Improvement with every step

PV manufacturer Schott Solar has announced the launch of a new high performance module. PES takes a look at the Schott Perform Mono 260 to see just how the company's decades of experience and expertise have shaped their new product. The development team at the German manufacturer have produced the …

A focus on excellence and growth

A goliath of the solar energy sector, Trina Solar has appeared in PES several times over the years. We're very happy to welcome the company back to our pages, and particularly happy to catch up with Jing Tian, Director of Global Marketing. Jian talks us through the company's most pressing priorities…

20/20 vision for offshore

With strong long term growth forecasted, PES takes a look at what the next 20 years holds for offshore, and the future requirements of an industry on the up. Between 2020 and 2030 a further 110 GW of offshore wind capacity is expected to be added in European waters. 150 GW of wind power would produ…

New challenges in the automation of technical monitoring and management of PV systems

smartblue AG maintains the long-term attractiveness of solar installations as investments by ensuring revenue security. Despite a period of consolidation, the momentum of the photovoltaic sector shows no sign of slowing down. Increasing cost pressures and strong international competition have led t…

Big power investment decisions demand more than a wing, a prayer and a consultant’s report

Twan Vollebregt, CEO of Energy Fundamentals, investigates the current perils and pitfalls of investing in renewables... For anyone who has to make major investment decisions about power generation in Europe, we live in difficult times. What use are ten year forward curves when Germany decides to a…

Europe: a winning attitude to offshore policy support

The high cost of energy produced by offshore wind is the major contributing factor to the lack of cost competitiveness in certain world markets such as North America. Europe, however, has embraced a positive approach to subsidies, which has fostered an energetic market. We put the leading countries …

Breaking into Europe: a user guide

When a company operating within the solar sector expands from its heartland into new territories, there's a steep learning curve and the faint threat of failure. On the other hand, there's an overwhelming sense of opportunity. Olivier Jacques talks us through his organisation's expansion into Europe…

How tools used in other industries can help to stabilise web coating processes in the solar sector

A longstanding contributor to PES, Carl Zeiss is known worldwide for its dedication to quality. In this, the company's latest submission, it looks at a cross-pollination of technology to bring down costs and maintain performance... With a longstanding history in the field of large area coating, Car…

A leading combination of innovation and excellence

Power-One is the world's second largest designer and manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters with facilities on three continents producing renewable energy products in Italy, USA, Canada and China. The company offers the full range of photovoltaic and wind products, from small residential inverters t…

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