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PES takes a look at the latest way one company is offering a way to save time, money and be ecologically responsible, by using a new extrusion method. BREYER’s extrusion system “CellProtect” allows the production of low shrinkage EVA encapsulation film at high production speed – on top - no energy consuming annealing

Schneider Electric and AdSolar collaborated to build a unique solution giving energy independence and self-sustainability to a high end residential estate development in South Africa using a community level centralized storage with decentralized power generation. Background At a time of rolling black-outs on the South African electricity grid, AdSolar was tasked with designing a

PES brings you previews to the Intersolar shows, kicking off with the Intersolar Europe and followed closely by Intersolar US. These shows reflect the expansion of solar energy across the globe and bring you the latest technology, innovation and a chance to meet the regular players in the market and new ones.

AlterPower AG is a consultancy and development company in the renewable energy sector. The team consists of professionals with over 15 years’ expertise in the solar/PV industry from investment to implementation. In July they announced the signing of joint contract with its partners and local developers in emerging markets, for a pipeline of

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