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Ports display the economic growth engines in the economy of countries. Increased activity requires larger ports, capable of handling a larger volume of traffic representing buoyant import-export balances. However, the epitome of ports also presents the consumables of natural resources, represented by the goods moving over the quay side. It could be

链式碱抛系统,作为SCHMID集团的一个重要研发成果,通过利用碱溶液(KOH)替代较难处理的硝酸(HNO3)来进行刻蚀,获得优异的边缘隔离和抛光效果,是目前市场上唯一无需使用硝酸的链式刻蚀设备。 目前行业常用酸刻蚀工艺对硅片进行边缘隔离和抛光,根据不同工艺要求,利用氢氟酸和硝酸(HF/HNO3)混合药液对硅片进行腐蚀,腐蚀深度为2-7µm。在整个工艺过程中,硝酸将硅氧化成二氧化硅(SiO2),同时产生大量的氮氧化物气体(NOx)。根据相关的环境法规,这些废气必须经过净化处理。HF/HNO3酸刻蚀工艺不仅化学品成本更高,而且废液、废气处理成本也很大。因此,SCHMID研发并采用KOH溶液来进行刻蚀,大大降低了化学品耗量和成本以及相应的处理成本。同时,这也更加满足日益严格的环境要求。 基于40多年丰富的湿法工艺经验,链式碱抛系统结合了SCHMID量产多年的链式碱单晶制绒机台和其他久经验证的湿法设备的优点,将多个工艺步骤集成到一个模块化的设备中。一方面将扩散工序生成的背面发射极与前表面发射极隔离;另一方面去除硅片表面的磷硅玻璃(PSG)。

It is not an understatement to say that 2020 has been one of the most turbulent years in recent history, with the Covid-19 pandemic leading to seismic shifts in industries the world-over. But despite significant supply chain disruption, the renewables industry has remained remarkably resilient compared to conventional power and wider infrastructure asset

With the global health crisis of Covid-19 impacting the health and economic security of the world many industries are needing to modify the way they now do business, not just in the short term, but also for the foreseeable future. SolarEdge, a world-wide manufacturer of smart solar energy solutions, has announced it

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