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Leonardo Botti, Global Head of Product Management, ABB Solar, talks to PES about their solid technical expertise and knowledge. His company continually invests in R&D and has a wide ranging portfolio of integrated services and solutions. PES: Welcome back to PES Solar/PV publication. Thanks for talking with us. For the benefit of our new

The Jan De Nul Group has installed two gravity-based foundations in the Danish waters of the Baltic Sea. Built in Ostend, the foundations were designed entirely by Jan De Nul, based on their client’s basic design. PES wanted to learn more about this ground breaking wind farm. By 2021, the 600MW Kriegers Flak

The offshore industry is now recognising the potential of utilising hybrid power linked to innovative propulsion systems. However, the cost of adopting hybrid technology on retrofit projects and new vessels requires a viable business case to justify higher capital expenditure (CAPEX). Offshore maritime cannot afford to go ‘green’ for no reason; there simply is not the

PES met up with Frederick Bamberg, Product Manager at 3D-Micromac AG in Chemnitz, Germany, to discover the advances in laser machines and processes in relation to the PV industry. Efficiency and cost savings are being achieved through listening to the customer, R&D and expertise. PES: Welcome back to PES Solar/PV magazine. For the

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