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India has a target of 100 GW solar capacity by the year 2022, which means exciting opportunities across the industry. What is UBM doing to help companies to make the most of this? PES caught up with Rajneesh Khattar, Group Director, India to find out

We look at the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)’s view of the future energy landscape beyond 2020. Current targets set out for 2030 in Europe will see the wind energy sector and other renewable technologies transform the power sector and bring positive impacts to the European power system and the economy as we

Driven by one of the globe’s fastest growing solar markets, Ecoppia is increasingly focussing on India. PES finds out why. Ecoppia’s new Vice President for Asia has had a very busy few weeks. Since joining Ecoppia, Nalin Sharma has been getting many enquiries from the leading companies in India’s utility solar space. As

Wind turbines installed offshore call for special attention. Wear and tear is quite different at sea, as is corrosion on steel structures. Offshore windfarms are often located remotely, difficult to access after installation and commissioning. Morgan Troedsson, President, MacTeen Consulting Ltd explains to PES the maintenance challenges presented by rotor blades on

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