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With over 500 GW of installed capacity, photovoltaic power generation has long since become a global industry. Financial and economic interests depend on the reliable production of PV energy. The German PV expert, Solare Datensysteme, has specialized in monitoring PV power generation since 2007. Solar-Log™ data loggers and the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

Geoffrey Vancassel, CEO at Sterblue, spoke to PES about this innovative company, which in 4 years has reached the serious player threshold. They provide easy to use software, complete with apps and a cloud platform, which enables off-the-shelf drones (DJI) to carry out complex inspections. PES: Hi Geoffrey, welcome to PES Wind,

PES was interested to find out from Donald van Velsen, Product Manager at Kipp & Zonen, about the latest developments and feedback on their DustIQ. We also wanted to learn if the recent changes, following the merger with the Meteorology division of OTT HydroMet, would make any difference to their solutions. Read

While PERC has long since become the standard in the production of solar cells and the first major solar cell producers have already set their sights on the next upgrade technology, meaning TOPCon, a revolutionary technology is now reaching market maturity and promises the ‘solar cell of the future’. Solar cells with so-called

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