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ELA Container Offshore GmbH is going from strength to strength. Their mobile room solutions are versatile and easy to assemble and fix in situ. There are options to rent or buy. Hans Gatzemeier, the Managing Director, spoke with us at PES. The company are having a great year and have already met

PES met up with Stacey Delzeit, Sr Applications Engineer at Trojan, which as you know is a world-famous name in batteries. Despite making batteries for almost 100 years, R&D continues to produce new, exciting and innovative products, which provide great flexibility to the end user. There are still more markets to conquer

The numbers speak for themselves. Around one billion people still live without electricity and another billion lack access to a reliable power source. Solar solutions present a unique opportunity to increase energy access and fundamentally improve living conditions in many countries, without affecting the climate or environment. Things are changing in Africa, the

The good news has been public knowledge for a long time: all forecasts show strong worldwide expansion of renewable energies. This is particularly true of wind energy. One interesting aspect is to closely examine the expertise that is decisive for expansion at country or continental level. This includes the area of maintenance

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