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Electroluminescence (EL) imaging, as a versatile tool for spatially resolved defect analysis on Si-solar cells, has recently gained a lot of traction in its industrial application. In this article we discuss quality control and process control abilities of this technology and how it is applied in solar cell production. We demonstrate how

Solar panel manufacturers strive to minimize cost and maximise efficiency of their modules. Their success is confirmed by the substantial decrease in $/Wp factor for the modules. In 2006, crystalline silicon based module prices were approximately 5.2$/Wp. By 2017, this had dropped to 0.42$/Wp, over an order of magnitude decrease in ten

The offshore wind market is growing rapidly. Therefore, the demand for equipment and services to support its growth is sure to rise with it. Together, the UK and Germany, account for over two-thirds of the total offshore wind power installed worldwide, and the UK has an established track record in exporting physical

The battery market has gained added momentum. There is now a global awareness that renewable energies can only be successfully expanded in combination with efficient energy storage. The greatest efficiency – and profit margin – is currently offered by battery storage systems, as this technology is already extremely advanced. At Tesvolt we

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