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Kristian Holm, VP Renewables, Kongsberg Digital, dropped in to PES to give us his views on our industry and digitalization in particular. We know that cost and time saving have been a top priority for turbine owners and operators for many years and here we learn how it is possible to achieve

The good news has been public knowledge for a long time: all forecasts show strong worldwide expansion of renewable energies. This is particularly true of wind energy. One interesting aspect is to closely examine the expertise that is decisive for expansion at country or continental level. This includes the area of maintenance

The rapid market expansion, in offshore generated wind power, requires a new approach towards offshore access for maintenance of wind generators. Two experts in access systems, Willem Prins and Marco Klitsie, developed a totally new and patented access method for which solid investors and building partners have already been found. The EAGLE-ACCESS

Andrea Schartner, Head of Communications at Fronius International Business Unit Solar Energy, gives PES an update on the progress of their 24 hours of sun vision. Smart solutions such as continuously adjustable regulation and their award winning Ohmpilot are edging them nearer to this goal. PES: Hi Andrea, it’s a pleasure to welcome

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