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No matter how much the solar industry talks a good game about sustainability, the reality is that we are ignoring a looming issue: solar waste. There will be at least 24 billion PV modules installed on earth by 2050 – enough to stretch to the moon and back. That’s a conservative estimate.

Is there anything that can be done to prevent or protect against corrosion? This is a question which preoccupies many in our industry. There are many types of corrosion, which in fact is a natural process, so it seems it’s like trying to hold back the tide. Is there anything that we

Years of experience and a large fleet of vessels mean that Northern Offshore Services are well placed, as leading operators in crew transport vessels (CTV) primarily in the offshore wind industry. David Kristensson, the CEO, got together with PES to catch us up on the latest developments and give us his outlook

Gantner has been selected numerous times to supply complete monitoring solutions for new, large solar power plants in e.g. Egypt, Denmark, Thailand and the Netherlands. In the past 12 months we have repeatedly confirmed our position as a leading global player in utility scale PV industry. After participating in two 50MW projects in

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