New training grants global access to offshore crane operations

Maersk Training is proud to announce the launch of a new ambitious offshore crane operator programme. It is designed to grant cr…

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SolarEdge Surpasses 10 Million Shipped Power Optimizers

Celebrating milestone by globally shipping 10 power optimizers worth $10,000 each Herzelya Pituach, Israel (February 9, 2016) - SolarE…

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Wind adds 13GW new capacity in 2015: 44% of all new power

Wind energy added more new capacity than any other form of power in Europe in 2015. Across the 28 EU member states, wind accounted f…

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MTS Vigilant provides crucial anchor testing support for next-generation cable-laying vessel Constanta, Romania, 9th February 2016…

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Aurium Capital Markets announces plans to raise up to £500 million to fund renewable energy projects


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PES Exclusive Articles

Unveiling a new vessel

Slated to be ready for her first offshore wind project in the North Sea by Q1 2016, Wind Innovation is set to be a game changer for C-bed. We take a look at the specs and grab five minutes with the company's Flemming Hjorth. Presenting Wind Innovation100% tailor-made for optimising the installation…

Last word

Interesting. That's one word we could use to describe the industry in the last few months - booming in one regard, yet plummeting in another. And to get a good idea of what's going on, you'd have to speak to a wide range of experts from a broad array of sectors... just like we've done right here. En…

Quality you can count on – from all four corners of the planet

PV is a pioneering industry in so many regards, and we at PES are proud to feature companies that have made such a big difference to technological innovation - and the wider planet. Today we welcome ECM Greentech, courtesy of company spokesman, Benjamin Deneux. PES: Welcome to PES. Would you like t…

Taking the strain

With the Conquest MB1 barge, and a working partnership that brings together an array of skills and a wealth of experience, Conquest Offshore are in a critical position 
to push offshore installation to new depths. PES speaks to Jippes Huibregtse... PES: Welcome to PES. Would you like to intro…

Going global

In most parts of the world, renewable energy is flourishing - with wind power leading the charge into untapped markets and booming territories. We asked GE's Peter Oram to provide us with an overview of the current situation in a number of key technologies... After a record year of installations in…

Introducing ‘photovoltaic backwards'

On a wider scale, Loser Chemie GmbH develops and distributes future-oriented and environment-friendly products, plants and processes that focus on a great many fields. One of the company's particular niches, however, is the PV industry and it is currently pioneering the recycling of indium, gallium,…

Cost competitive: wind finally breaks through

It's less costly to get electricity from wind turbines than coal-fired power plants when climate change costs and other health impacts are factored in, according to a new study published in Springer's Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences. In fact, using the official U.S. government estimat…

Down to the last detail

We've interviewed Kari Tuominen, Peikko's Director, Wind Turbine Foundation Technology, several times before, but we didn't realise just how much research and development goes into the company's renowned foundations. Kari talks us through the meticulous process and give us his thoughts on the future…

Setting new standards in product quality and reliability

We're delighted to welcome back Hirschmann Renewable Energy to the magazine. The company presents a thought-provoking essay on the reported decline of quality in the solar industry and offers its own solutions... Most of us respond when asked, believe that energy is obviously one of the most importa…

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