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The CompositeLoop project is a feasibility study that proposes short term solutions in Flanders, Belgium for the valorisation of large thermoset end-of-life GFRP (glass fiber reinforced plastics) structures such as wind turbine blades, boats and yachts, profiles, silos. The study is based on literature review and input captured during three interactive workshops

PES was interested to find out from Donald van Velsen, Product Manager at Kipp & Zonen, about the latest developments and feedback on their DustIQ. We also wanted to learn if the recent changes, following the merger with the Meteorology division of OTT HydroMet, would make any difference to their solutions. Read

For those working in the wind sector, the risks of arc flash incidents have always been better understood than in many other industries. Working with extremely high voltages and large currents on a daily basis, means that knowledge across the sector is noticeably higher compared with similar industries that are also at

In order to reach the final vacuum in a vacuum chamber, the material and the surface texture are very important. In addition, the gas load that is to be pumped down is relevant as to how quickly the desired final pressure can be obtained. The gas load, before reaching the desired base

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