Pfeiffer Vacuum Welcomes 2014 Röntgen Prize Winner

 Coherent superposition of quantum states in atoms  Vacuum is essential for basic scientific research Asslar, G…

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SoLayTec sells first InPassion® ALD machine in the U.S. market

US based Mission Solar Energy has ordered an InPassion ALD for its high efficiency n-type silicon bifacial solar ce…

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Delta’s new powerfully compact 50 kVA string inverters are now shipping

Delta, the leading global provider of power and thermal management solutions, is proud to announce that its new…

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FLiDAR joins NORCOWE Consortium

FLiDAR join forces with the Norwegian Centre for Offshore Wind Energy (NORCOWE) in the quest for cost and risk reduction within the offshore wind energy marked…

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Ambassador Stith Joins One Planet Africa’s board of directors

Boston, USA, Nov 20th2014 - Renewable energy project developer One Planet Africa has announced today the appointment of …

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PES Exclusive Articles

Meeting design challenges in turbines

For the wind industry, aluminium profiles have not been a preferred material so far - steel and Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP) are most commonly used. For many design departments, aluminium profiles are either too unknown to incorporate in daily design work, thought to be too weak, too expens…

A case for wind

Society continues to demonstrate its insatiable appetite for products that place increasing demand on our energy resources. Despite repeated calls to conserve, the increasing adoption by consumers of computers, PDAs, iPhones, iPads, tablets and other wireless devices, coupled with economic progress …

At the heart of the industry

A world leader in offshore wind installation and service solutions, A2SEA A/S is dedicated to providing the wind industry with safer, sustainable, and more cost-efficient operations. We spoke to Kaj Lindvig, Senior Advisor. PES: Welcome to the magazine. Before we get on to the main issues of the da…

Accurate cable assessment in challenging conditions

PES recently caught-up with the affable Vidar Bergli, VP Sales for Wirescan AS. He explained about the company's innovative technology, its plans for future growth and the benefits of having major financial backers... PES: Welcome to PES magazine. Would you like to introduce the company to our read…

Over 50 years of innovation

A trusted name in the solar industry for decades - Spitzenberger & Spies GmbH & Co. KG. - remains ahead of the rest when it comes to the capabilities of modern bi-directional inverters. In this article, we explore the use of battery energy storage systems in local PV installations and testin…

Pioneers of the high-seas

Offering much more than simply floating hotels, C-bed is setting new trends in safety, comfort and efficiency. We talked to Flemming Hjorth about the company's foresight and effort in this niche industry and discover how it is able to offer tailor-made solutions to clients based on the most extensiv…

Equipped to take-on any lifting challenge

A specialist in the transport of heavy-lift, project and break-bulk cargoes across the world's oceans, HANSA HEAVY LIFT GmbH has been quietly but confidently carving out a reputation in the wind sector. Here, we talk to company CCO, Joerg Roehl. PES: Welcome to PES magazine. Can you tell us a littl…

Residential buffer zones for wind turbines: the evidence

A bill attempting to set minimum distances from residential premises has been put before legislators across Europe on a number of occasions, yet it has not progressed beyond initial reading stages. However, it has been widely publicised and some local authorities have proposed policies with similar …

New York Offshore Atlantic Ocean Study

New York State's Department of State (DOS) has completed a two-year study to generate and assemble the most comprehensive dataset of physical, biological, geographic, and socioeconomic information available for the Atlantic Ocean waters. For planners and wind farm operators planning on expanding int…

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