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It might not surprise the reader that wind turbines, blades, etc. need to be inspected intelligently to avoid faults turning into unnecessary problems, and to keep inspection costs at a minimum. But there is always news to tell when it comes to how to do it better. Asset inspections are in the

As the world looks for competitive, zero carbon energy sources that can be deployed at scale and in relatively fast time frames, offshore wind is in greater demand than ever before on the world stage. The market will become truly global over the next five years. Capacity will grow, especially in Asia

On a European level, two significant breakthroughs were achieved in energy policy during the summer: the European target for the share of renewable energies in the electricity supply will be increased to 32 percent by 2030. In addition, EU-member states are obliged to submit detailed plans by the end of 2019 regarding

Matthias Mack, Director Global Alternative Energies and member of the Management Board at Stäubli, came to talk to PES about electrical connectors. These small components play a crucial role in a long-term partnership between our company and the customer. This is built on reliability, thoughtful expertise, dynamism and exceptional quality, in both

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